Connolly Inc is an owner of Connolly Inc Ltd. Winston Connolly, is a Cayman Islands attorney with over 16 years of experience in corporate law.

Winston is a professional independent, non-executive director, licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority who brings a wealth of experience to alternative investment (including hedge fund and private equity) boards. He brings reliability and integrity as well as professionalism to each board and works within the structure to provide sound advice based on his legal experience in particular.

Mr.Connolly is the former Managing Partner of Lainston International Management (Cayman) Limited, a fiduciary and financial services firm. He has previously served as a Member of Parliament of the Cayman Islands and is a former equity partner at HighWater Ltd, where he served as a non-executive director on alternative investment vehicles and legal counsel.

Mr Connolly is also a former associate at two major Cayman Islands law firms: Maples and Calder and Walkers, where he specialized in investment funds. He remains called to the Bar in the Cayman Islands.

During his over 23 years in the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands he has worked as a Banking Analyst for the Financial Services Supervision Department (now the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority) and as a Mutual Fund Administrator with Citco Fund Services (Cayman) Ltd.

Mr Connolly is a Notary Public, past Chairman of the Cayman Islands Financial Services Council, past Secretary and Executive Board Member of the Caymanian Bar Association, past Deputy Chairman of the Cayman Islands Immigration Business Staffing Plan Board and past President of Rotary Sunrise.

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